Shenwick Recruitment Limited specialises in recruitment solutions across the sectors of Demand Planning and Supply Chain

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Shenwick Recruitment Limited specialises in recruitment solutions across the sectors of Demand Planning and Supply Chain

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Pension Review

As well as pension planning, existing pension review and evaluation is now just as vital to millions of UK workers. The much publicised recent pension changes certainly now provide more options to the individual in controlling their finances but this also makes it much more complex for the individual in knowing whether to act and change their occupational pension or just simply 'leave as is'

As a specialist Supply Chain consultancy that works extremely closely with our pool of candidates, we assist our candidates in all areas of development, this obviously mainly revolves around career review and planning, but in a modern world where the majority of candidates now work for different companies over their career, these candidates have little or no knowledge of what pensions they have and how these are performing.

Part of our comprehensive review process with each candidate is a review of their pensions in terms of WHAT (pension type), WHERE (current or former employer) and HOW (how is each pension performing). Often a candidate will leave their pension arrangements 'as is' but, even to get to this decision, the right expert advice is needed in the first place!

Our specialist financial advisory partner has the qualifications and permissions to review each candidate's own specific circumstances, analyse the performance of each occupational pension and potentially facilitate occupational pension transfers to personal pensions if this suits the candidate.

We will discuss how to get the most from your pension and provide the opportunity for candidates to take control of their pension planning and provide them with more flexibility over the coming years.

This is an advisory process which forms part of the Shenwick Recruitment candidate review. 'Pension jargon' will be fully explained and evaluated, but the candidate has full control over whether or not they would like to change their pension arrangements after our FREE OF CHARGE consultation. Each candidate will have entirely different circumstances and, for some, it will be more suitable to leave current pension or pensions exactly where they are.

If, however, changes are required to get the most out of each pension, we can facilitate this process with our fully qualified and experienced Pensions Adviser.

Even if you are a candidate not currently in the market for a new job, if you would like a free consultation review concerning your current pension arrangements, contact us here at Shenwick Recruitment. (